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Welcome to Schwarzdorn Production,

Great that you've found your way to us, because Schwarzdorn is the ultimate place for Black, Death, Doom, Pagan, .... Metal. On the Label Page you will find information about our bands. Our >Store< is also worth a visit! With over 1000 products at a fair price, you will surely find something that interests you!

If you have any comments, suggestions or bug information, please let us know.

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Schwarzdorn Production


Formicarius "Black Mass Ritual"

CD (Symphonic Black-Metal)

Vuolla "Blood. Stone. Sun. Down."

Digi CD (Post Rock-Doom-Metal)

Repulsive Aggression "Preachers of Death"
CD (Old School Death-Metal)


+ Formicarius "Black Mass Ritual" T-Shirt/Girlie now available.
+ Formicarius "Black Mass Ritual" CD now available.
+ The Symphonic Black Metal band Formicarius from England have signed a deal with  us.
+ Vuolla "Blood. Stone. Sun. Down." Digi CD now available.
+ Repulsive Aggression "Preachers Of Death" T-Shirt now available.

+ Repulsive Aggression "Preachers Of Death" CD now available.


Schwarzdorn Production is grateful to anyone who can help to distribute flyers in their local bars, clubs, stores etc. all around the world. For those who are interested, please email


Suffering Souls "In Synergy Obscene" CD

Cerberus CD

Carved in Stone CD
Taunusheim CD

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